Our Portfolio
Every Job is a self- portrait of our company. We autograph our work with excellence.

Our Portfolio

Tapis D’or is a company committed to providing a high quality and excellent value service for both individual and commercial customers.

We have been successfully winning contracts and completing them on time and within budget for the past 16 yrs and here are some clients:

Lebanese University - Faculty of Law

Ceilings, curtains & Moquettes

Al Mandaloun Café


Ministry of Finance - Zahle

We were the sub contractor of the ministry’s building in Zahle, including: Ceilings, moquettes and curtains


Parquet and curtains in many branches all over Lebanon

Massabki Hotel

Curtains & Parquet

BIEL Center

We have made stands at exhibitions for customers.

White Beirut

We installed Vinyl all over the white, and moquetts on the Entrance.

Société Générale Bank

Parquet and curtains in many branches all over Lebanon.


Ceilings, Moquettes, Parquet, Vinyl & Curtains

Lychee Tropical Lounge

Vinyl all over the Lychee & Moquettes on Entrance.

Barelias Mosque

We have equipped over 10 Mosques

Kassatly Chtaura

Ceilings, Moquettes, Parquets & Curtains

Mann Wa Salwa (Le Mall)


Pineland Hotel & Health Resort

Moquettes, Parquet and ceilings.

Lebanese Canadian Hospital

Conductive & Antistatic vinyl.

Lebanese International University

Ceilings And Curtains.

Our Lady of Salvation Church

We have equipped over 10 churches all over Lebanon.
Ceilings and Persian Carpets

Chtaura Park Hotel

Moquettes, Persian Carpets, Parquet & Gypsum board.
We executed and installed the above products for the whole hotel about 90 rooms.

Empire Cinemas

Moquettes for their new show rooms

Bekaa Hospital

Conductive vinyl in all operation rooms and antistatic vinyl for the whole hospital.
In addition to ceilings for the corridors.